Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Film in context...'The installation'

Film in context of installation from Nathalie Moore on Vimeo.

Here is a little preview of the film installation space. Sit, and relax...

Setting up the installation

I started setting up the installation space a couple of days before the deadline, and overall I think it worked quite well. I wanted to keep it simple so that the main focus is the film. So essentially I have tried to give my work a context;

''Since its earliest days, video has been an intensely personal medium. Artist's are attracted to its immediacy, could use a camera like a writer uses a pen.''(p.125 Rush M. 2003)

my work is a personal piece of work that doesn't necessarily inform the viewer, but gives them an experiential insight to theme of meditation seen through my perspective.

The narrative itself focuses on, internal and external space using the body as my focus

setting up installation from Nathalie Moore on Vimeo.

Rush, M., (2003) video art, Thames and Hudson Ltd., London

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Final composition video

So, here it is...The final composition

Final Video from Nathalie Moore on Vimeo.

red ink projections

Here are some of the red ink drip protections I created on my body. The colours help to ground the mood of my thoughts; i.e. in this case the red projections illustrate a negative 'mind'.

red ink drip projections from Nathalie Moore on Vimeo.

Tony Oursler

Oursler's work has a general focus on the 'face', and he is most well known for the array of surfaces he creates to project his videos onto (especially his disembodied head puppets). The face is important to him because '''s the way we communicate...It's really the way into our identity and empathy''(Oursler T.). So if I am talking about my anxieties, the face, the sounds and the body language all help to relay and communicate these feelings.

He uses sound scores of overlapping words. that are then coupled with filmed images that are projected onto interesting objects. The source material is often taken from popular culture, in particular television. Oursler's most recent work works on the notion of how people take the technology and the culture of mass media and personalise it and make it a part of their lives.

If a person is talking in a video, the audience interacts with it, as they feel that the speaker is talking to them as an individual. This is the sort of thing I have chosen to, as I have made several audio recordings of myself speaking about the external and internal aspects of meditation.

He also uses harsh lighting on his subjects when filming. This creates shadows and highlights on the subject allowing the viewer to see different aesthetics of the same thing. Having used projections in this project, I can begin to understand the effects that can be obtained from this method of working; i.e. adding emphasis to facial expressions and body gestures.

'ASL' (2008) film installation at Lisson gallery

Sunday, 29 January 2012