Monday, 26 December 2011

Børre Sæthre

I came across this installation artist, whom's ideas on space and the viewers' experience seem quite fitting in terms of my project

''The norwegian artist Børre Sæthre uses the term 'immersive mode'...a type of experience in which subjective awareness...appears to merge with the artwork, so as to create a sensation of a new, more powerful experience of totality''

''Experience is meditated through the body: the degree to which our sensory faculties are stimulated is linked to the impact that an experience has on us. An 'immersive' work may be described as a mixture of sensory and narcissistic pleasure offered to the viewer''

Sæthre's 'non-places' artworks aim to elicit sensual pleasure through sensory manipulation.
His installations appear to be quite simple, but effective giving a sense of space.

Oliveira, N., Oxley, N. and Petry, M. (2003) Installation Art in the New Millenium, london Thames and Hudson, ltd.

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