Wednesday, 21 December 2011

soft cinema

Soft cinema is an exploration of ''database cinema', which is computer software that generates variable screen layouts and selective video clips from a database that is unique to each film.

When it is presented in an installation, the film runs indefinitely without repeating the same edits. The films have been adapted for the dvd capturing a number of versions for each scene, and programmed to the DVD to select the version and older scenes in real time. Therefore, every viewing potentially produces a different film, although the voiceovers used are always the same for each film.

Below are some of the screen shots I have captured from the short film; Mission to Earth. The number of co-present screens show us what the main character is seeing, thinking, and remembering simultaneously. The motion graphics follow the story, visualizing its themes and the feelings of the character.

Multiple screens are used in a symmetrical layouts displaying film, animation, still image and text.

Kratky, A. and Manovich, L. (2005) Soft cinema; Navigating the database Cambridge, Massachusetts, The MIT Press (accessed 24th Dec 2011)

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