Monday, 12 December 2011

Meditation - What is it?

''Meditation is the art of slowing down the mind...and is a state of consciousness...''. (to be come enlightened) Something as conceptual as meditation is hard to describe, but the 'state of mind' in meditation in a metaphorical sense can be compared to the flow of oil flowing from one vessel to another. This flow is the natural flow of consciousness without interruption from the thoughts and desires that usually inhabit our mind.

Meditation comes only with practice; Learning to control the mind and focus for a period of time is quite difficult to achieve. this is why I have been trying to meditate regularly and writing in a journal to understand these thought processes before, during and after meditation.

In order to attain this state of relaxed awareness, it is necessary to prepare ourselves for the meditation process, which should not be rushed

  • It is best to have a special room for meditation that is free from distraction - SIMPLE
  • Setting up a table as a point of focal point of the room, with a candle (acts as a spiritual symbol)
  • starring at the flame of a candle before you start meditating helps concentration
  • A small vase of flowers
  • Burning an incense has a purifying effect on the energy of space - lavender-relaxing
  • Meditating in nature is far more favourable if you have the opportunity - red hill park
  • The most effective time for meditation is at dawn or dusk, as the atmosphere is spiritually charged.
  • The most desirable time is between the hours of 4-6AM, as the mind is clear and unruffled from daily activities
  • Make sure you are not disturbed from outside distractions
  • Sit in a comfortable steady posture with a straight spine and neck - NOT TENSE
  • A cross legged posture provides a firm base for the body
  • the body should be at ease in order to to disconnect from the sense of being the 'body' and focus on the deeper aspects of consciousness

  • Try to relax and make the breath rhythmic
  • inhale and exhale rhythmically until breath becomes light and completely silent
  • Meditation allows us to see things as they really are without escaping into imagination
  • over a period of time, coax the mind away from these destructive thought patterns - this is not easy to do...
  • Commitment to your well being by gently commanding the mind to be quiet for specific length of time , by focusing on only the present moment, your life will become immeasurably enhanced
  • Sustained concentration leads into meditation...
Pearson, J., 2003, The Sivanda book of medtation, London Gaia books limited

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