Thursday, 5 January 2012

Installation design ideas

Here are some pictures of the shrine at the buddhist centre that I attend. They have focused light downwards onto the shrine and the colours are rich and warm looking. I would like to create a something similar to this, but much simpler focusing on the candles, incense burning and a small buddha shrine. Ideally I would like to paint the room a warm rich and sensual colour - a reddish yellow.

I haven't quite decided what to put up on the walls either side of the walls yet but it needs to have an element of journey, that starts off very busy at the entrance and then fizzles out as it gets to the projection. This will depict how the process of meditation allows all the thoughts to essentially dissapear.

The main focus will be on the film projection, which I envisage to be focused at the back, although I will have to finalise this and make sure that it is viable in the allocated space. I also need to accurately take the measurements of the space again.

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